Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Here are some frequently asked questions on issues relating to special educational needs. If the question you are looking for isn't here visit our leaflets section, or contact us.

Are there any combined primary + secondary schools on one site?

There is only one commonly sited primary and secondary school which is situated in the north of Nottinghamshire.

Can a school refuse to admit my child?

Parents have a right to tell the Local Authority, the school they would prefer their child to attend. If a school is over subscribed an admissions criteria is used. For further information on the admission criteria please contact –

School admissions Team
City parents - 9150763
Rushcliffe, Gedling, Broxtowe - 98546000
Newark, Bassetlaw, Ashfield, Mansfield - 01623 433433

Children with special educational needs may not be refused admission because the school feel unable to cater for their needs. Their admission application must be considered on the basis of the schools published admission’s criteria. Where a child has a statement in which a mainstream school is named, the governing body of the school must admit the pupil.

Can my child access special school and a mainstream school?

Yes, this is called a dual placement.Children may spend most of their time in the local mainstream school but access the local special school for specialist provision. For a child to access this they need a statement of their special educational needs.

How do I know that the school will meet my child’s needs?

Parents are encouraged to visit any school they are considering for their child. A lot of schools will have an open evening for prospective pupils, if you contact the school direct they will be able to give you the dates. As well as having a guided tour of the school and looking at the facilities it is a good idea to arrange to meet the school Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  They are the person who will have a role in ensuring what is provided meets the needs of pupils with special educational needs.  They will also know about school policies and practices.  Another way to find out about the school is to read the school special educational needs policy and others like anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies.  The school’s Ofsted report will also be a good source of information, so will speaking to other parents and pupils and looking at the schools website.

How easy is it to get my child into special school?

The expectation is that the vast majority of pupils with special educational needs, including pupils with a statement, will have their needs met in a mainstream setting.  In a few instances a special school will provide the best setting to meet a pupil’s special educational needs.  In these circumstances a pupil will need a statement of their educational needs. 

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