Get Involved

Parent Partnership Service is frequently asked to facilitate consultation groups to provide the parents’/carers’ perspective when new strategies are being planned or current policies reviewed.  We believe that parents in this situation are equivalent to volunteers, giving their time and expertise freely to benefit a wider group across the community. Organisations using volunteers to help deliver a service should ensure that those volunteers are not out of pocket as a result, and generally this means that they can claim expenses relating to travel and child-care.  For the purpose of any consultations facilitated by PPS involving parents/carers we will therefore pay expenses on that basis.

All expenses are paid via cheque made out to the person attending the consultation session.

Travel costs

  • Travel costs will be provided between the home address and the venue, either as a mileage rate or on the production of tickets for public transport.
  • Car park charges will be reimbursed on the production of a dated receipt/ticket.

Child-care costs

  • Those wishing to claim for child-care costs should indicate this at the time of booking their place on the consultation group.
  • Child-care costs can be claimed for care over and above that normally in place for the child.
  • A receipt from a registered child-care provider must be provided.