Confidentiality Policy

The Parent Partnership Service provides a confidential service offering information, advice and support to parents and carers of children with special educational needs. Any information given by parents/carers to staff, volunteers or representatives remains confidential to the project and is not discussed or revealed to anyone outside the project. Written records of contact are held securely and cannot be accessed by school or LA staff or other statutory agencies.

The only exception to this policy is when a member of staff, volunteer or representative of the service identifies a possible child or adult protection issue. In this case the project follows local Area Child Protection Committee procedures or, in relation to vulnerable adults, the local multi- agency agreed procedures.

The services are intended to provide information and support to empower parents and enable them to resolve any difficulties themselves. However sometimes a parent/carer benefits by the service acting on his/her behalf and raising the situation with relevant professionals. This only happens if the parent/carer has requested it, or if someone from the service suggests it and the parent /carer has agreed this.

Service staff, volunteers or representatives are involved in meetings or working groups when confidential information about children/ parents/carers/professionals or services may be revealed. The confidentiality policy covers this information too; individuals therefore undertake not to pass on such information outside the meetings or groups.

All members of staff, representatives and volunteers are expected to sign this document as a commitment to this policy.