Impartiality Statement

The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Parent Partnership Service (PPS) was set up as a partnership between the Local Authority and the voluntary sector. It operates “at arm’s length“ from both Local Authorities (LAs); this is understood and explicitly promoted by all parties and made clear throughout our work with parents, schools and other agencies.

This philosophy is supported by the following :

  • Funding for the service is provided from both LAs, but there are additional sources of funding from external agencies.
  • The PPS budget is held and managed by the Parent Partnership Officer (PPO).
  • PPS has its own offices distinct from those of either LA.
  • Line-management for the PPO is provided by an independent voluntary sector organisation, currently the Family Welfare Association.
  • PPS has its own policy and process for dealing with complaints.
  • PPS is consulted in the planning and strategic development of LA services for children and families.
  • PPS provides independent advice, support and information for parents.
  • Trained volunteers, independent of the LA, will deliver individual support for families.

PPS will support parents to challenge both schools and LAs when decisions are made regarding children with SEN which appear to fall short of local and/or national guidance or which appear to be not in the best interests of the child.