What PPS don’t do

Generally we can only offer support around education issues, although we can often signpost parents on to other agencies who can help with different problems such as benefit claims.

We offer limited support to parents wishing to go to independent appeal on particular education issues.  For example, we will support parents to complete paperwork for tribunals concerned with statutory assessment processes but will not attend the tribunal to support at the hearing. Similarly, we provide assistance with paperwork for admissions appeals for a school place but will not attend the appeal hearing.

We can provide support, where workload permits, to parents of children with SEN excluded from schools at both the Governors’ Discipline Committee meeting and sometimes at the Independent Appeal Panel.  An arrangement with Nottinghamshire LA enables us to access the services of a specialist exclusions caseworker for parents of county children in secondary schools; other parents are supported by staff and IPS with the advice of the exclusions caseworker.

We don’t provide child-care to parents to enable them to attend meetings or events but we may provide some assistance towards the cost of child-care in some situations.

We don’t routinely provide transport for parents to attend meetings or events but we will consider individual requests based on the parent’s situation.

We don’t give advice about which school is best for your child.  However, we would discuss with you what support you should look for in a school, and talk through options for different schools to ensure that you are aware of all relevant factors.